Clathria rugosa


Clathria rugosa, Schwamm, Sponge
code: WHTFT0201
Clathria rugosa, Schwamm, Sponge
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Clathria rugosa,Schwamm,Sponge
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Exif Keywords: Meer, Meerestier, Meerestiere, Niedere Tiere, Wirbellose, Invertebrata, Invertebrate, Invertebrates, Korallenriff, coral reef, Cnidaria, Hohltiere, Hohltier, Koralle, Korallen, coral
Exif ImageDescription: Clathria rugosa, Schwamm, Sponge

The sponges or poriferans (from Latin porus "pore" and ferre "to bear") are animals of the phylum Porifera. They are primitive, sessile, mostly marine, water dwelling, filter feeders that pump water through their bodies to filter out particles of food matter. Sponges also excrete sperm cells through these holes. Sponges represent the simplest of animals. With no true tissues (parazoa), they lack muscles, nerves, and internal organs. Their similarity to colonial choanoflagellates shows the probable evolutionary jump from unicellular to multicellular organisms. There are over 5,000 modern species of sponges known, and they can be found attached to surfaces anywhere from the intertidal zone to as deep as 8,500 m (29,000 feet) or further. Though the fossil record of sponges dates back to the Neoproterozoic Era, new species are still commonly discovered. Source:Wikipedia

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